Friday, January 20, 2017

Melody Robinette — Episode 71 — Writing for Discovery

This week we chat with one of our Blondie and the Brit Podcast Award winners, Melody Robinette, who won the Most Helpful Writing Process award. Be sure and listen to the Pomodoro Method discussion that gave her the opportunity to receive this honor. In this interview she updates us on the multiple books she is about to release. We then revisit the interview we aired last year with Melody, a talented millennial who writes in new adult fantasy genre. Melody is an Amazon Bestselling Author and gives us some great pointers on everything from how she achieved #1 status on Amazon, to navigating the writing tool Scrivener, to how she deals with rejection letters.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Andrea Hurst -- Episode 70 -- Best of Blondie and the Brit -- Journey Through the Publishing World

Andrea Hurst -- Episode 70 -- Best of Blondie and the Brit -- Journey Through the Publishing World This week we revisit another great "Best of Blondie and the Brit" podcast. In this episode we re-introduce you to agent and published author Andrea Hurst. Andrea shares her 25 years of experience in the book industry covering topics such as her own personal journey of self-publishing and the differences between Indie versus traditional publishing. She also enlightened us about some of the best ways to approach a literary agent. Don't miss this informative podcast.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just released in German! The Rejected Writer's Bookclub.

Now available in German! Jetzt auch in deutscher Sprache erhältlich, der unbeschwerte und humorvolle internationale Verkaufsschlager mit über 1000 4/5 Sterne Bewertungen auf Amazon und Goodreads.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Deb Lund — Episode 69 — Best of Blondie and the Brit Creativity Unleashed

Join us on the Best of Blondie and the Brit to delve into the world of publishing Children’s literature. This week we are re-airing the wonderful interview with fiction writer Deb Lund. Deb talks about how she published her first children’s book plus creative ways to connect with a younger audience. She also introduces us to her fiction magic cards, a wonderful writing aid for authors.