Saturday, September 12, 2015

Very Exciting News! We made through nearly 8'000 scripts into The Academy Nicholls Fellowship Final


Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 17:45
Congratulations to our new Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting finalists! See the full list below. Keep checking back to to find out the winners and get more information about the upcoming awards ceremony.
Ghazi Albuliwi, "Arafat"
Jennifer Bailey and Max Lance, "Best Funeral Ever"
Elizabeth Chomko, "What They Had"
Ryan Covington,  "The Secrets We Keep"
Andrew Friedhof, "Great Falls" 
Lynn Esta Goldman, "Angel on the Wall"
Anthony Grieco, "Best Sellers"
Murat Izmirli, "Grimwood"
Suzanne Kelman and Susannah Rose Woods, "Held"
Samuel Regnier, "Free Agent"
Augustus Rose, "Far From Cool"
Amy Tofte, "Addis Abeka"

So excited to be one of them, it's huge honor! 

Here is an article written by Katie Woodzick for Whidbey Life Magazine

Rosie and Suzanne Beverley Hills Film Festival

We’d Like to Thank the Academy: Susannah Rose Woods and Suzanne Kelman Advance to the Final Round of the Nicholl Fellowships

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BY KATIE WOODZICKWhidbey Life Magazine contributor
Sept. 9, 2015
Susannah Rose Woods and Suzanne Kelman first met through creative endeavors at Whidbey Children’s Theater. Kelman had just finished work on Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Woods was about to begin directing productions of Into the Woods.
Kelman asked Woods to read some of her screenplays. Soon after, the pair started writing screenplays together, co-founding Goody 2 Productions.
Suzanne and Rosie at the CA Film Awards 2013
Suzanne and Susannah at the CA Film awards 2013.
They’ve developed a unique routine for writing together: Woods will type while Kelman suggests ideas. If they ever hit a creative wall, they’ll play Harry Belafonte’s Jump in the Line and dance around Kelman’s writing studio. In conversation, the two writers seem to share a brain, often finishing each other’s sentences.
“I’ve been a writing partner with other people, but nothing like this,” Woods said.
“We have a really unique way of writing together,” Kelman explained. “We have this ability to not only pick up the other person’s thought but add on to it.”
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