Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rejected Writers Blog Tour Day 5 - Fun with Vaun Murphey

"What is they said about cell phone and water? Was it rice or flour!" 
Today I have an author guest by the name of Suzanne Kelman!

So, you’re here to promote your book ‘The Rejected Writers’ Book Club’ and I’d love to hear about it. What’s the storyline? Is it as funny as you are?

Thank you so much for having me in your little corner of the blog-as
phere. It’s a comedic story about small-town life seen through the eyes of my protagonist Librarian, Janet Johnson. She gets pulled into a “kaleidoscope of craziness” when she gets dragged to a meeting of The Rejected Writers Book Club. They are a group of quirky authors who have no desire to be published but celebrate every rejection letter in style and flair. She eventually ends up on a crazy madcap road trip with them to save the club which is but in jeopardy when the leader of the group gets an acceptance letter from a publisher. And is it as funny as I am? I guess you will have to read it to find out :-) But seriously, it was a whole barrel of laughs to write, and I love bringing joy to people. My favorite reviews are from women who read it in bed and wake their husbands from a dead sleep, bursting out laughing.

That sounds entertaining! What would you say you’ve learned about yourself as you wrote this book?

I think my biggest lesson was that I could actually do it. I had attempted to write books in the past but always got bored or ran out of steam and gave up halfway through, but for some reason I persevered with the rejected ladies, and we made it limping and breathless over the finish-line together. It was my version of a 25-mile marathon. I was very proud of that accomplishment.

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