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And what do YOU have to say? – Suzanne Kelman – interview no.33

 ON 18/03/2016

It gives me great pleasure to host this interview with Suzanne Kelman, the multitalented author, screenplay writer and podcaster, at the launch of her new cover of The Rejected Writers’ Book Club and the announcement of the sequel!
Suzanne Kelman is the author of “The Rejected Writers’ Book Club” and an award-winning screenwriter and playwright. Her accolades include The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences – Nicholl Fellowship Finalist, Best Comedy Feature Script -L.A. International Film Festival and Gold Award Winner – California Film Awards. All images are courtesy of the author.

1. Tell us five things about yourself that you think matter the most.
Family, friendship, gratitude, beauty and laughter

2. Why do you write? What do you like writing best?
I write because in my soul I am a storyteller. That desire to tell story has taken on many forms throughout my life from theatre to filmmaking, but I have always been a storyteller at my core. I became a writer 6 years ago because I needed to find something creative I could do from home while I was homeschooling my son. My favorite writing genre is humor. I can write in other genres but always seem to come back to comedy, as I love making people happy.

3. Who is your primary reader – the person you let read and comment your work before anyone else?
My son and my husband have to sit through readings of all my first drafts. I will normally read my latest piece of work to them and if they laugh I know I’ve done a great job as neither of them are in the demographic I write for.

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