Monday, May 1, 2017

Mango Smoothie & a trip to The British Virgin Isles Anyone?

Welcome from the town of Southlea Bay! 

Today - Armchair Traveling

Doris and her brood are cooking up a storm as they collect recipes to try out for the brand new Southlea Bay Cookbook Companion to pair with recipes mentioned in the book series. Here are some of the recipes 

Doris's Famous Celebrating Rejection Lemon Cake

Rejection Can Be Delicious!

“She pulled out a large tablecloth and tucked it firmly into the top of my blouse…It was lime-green and decorated with hideous orange and brown flowers. In one hand, I held high the teacup, and in the other I balanced the huge slab of (lemon) cake. I looked like a psychedelic Lady Justice, except right then I actually envied the fact she was blind.” - The Rejected Writers' Book Club

Or if lemon isn't your thing! 

Doris's Crying into the Chocolate Acceptance Cake

Accepting the things I cannot change with Chocolate!

“I swallowed another rather large lump of (chocolate) cake. “who is (the letter) from? I asked meekly, not taking my eyes from it. I was too frightened to pick it up in case it self-destructed…(Doris grunted) Well, why don't you read it? “Now I have to go and buy myself a hat!”… “Yes a hat and a funky scarf and snazzy glasses. All good authors wear snazzy glasses. Well I won’t do it. I look ridiculous in a hat!” - The Rejected Writers' Book Club

In case you don't know about the competition here is a link to my website where you can learn about it and enter one of your very own recipes to be considered for the cook book. -  

This is KJ and me - we are waving (honestly) 

So, after a day sweating over the stove I have a nice treat for you all, Over the next few weeks the residents of Southlea Bay will be connecting up on the "World Wide Web" with Blondie in the Water  and paring great recipes to go with Blondies own web tour through all the islands that are featured in her book "Shattering Time." 

Today's stop is at the wonderful British Virgin Isles and Smugglers Cove.

   Owww Pretty!!!

This would be me if I was there - with this body! 

To complete the experience, Doris Newberry, one of Southlea Bay's most notorious residents, has added this great mango smoothie recipe for you to enjoy while you surf smugglers cove beach from your armchair. So grab your smoothie and head over to

for a  little sun, salt and sea breezes... Enjoy!

Enjoy your trip! 

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