Friday, July 3, 2015

“Always remember to get out of the way of the magic”

Todays guest is a Brummie Lass, for the benefit of my international readers that means a lady from Birmingham (England not Alabama). She is an award winning screenwriter/author (Best Comedy Feature Screenplay Award- L.A International Film Festival 2011, The Gold Award- California Film Awards 2012, The Van Gogh Award- Amsterdam Film Festival 2012). She is also an author who’s debut novel, The Rejected Writer’s Book Club is winning people over with it’s wit and charm. Her laugh is something to hear as it is very infectious and her accent is awesome. Recently returned from the Cannes film Festival, she is working on a number of exciting things and I get to have her to myself for a few minutes. Suzanne Kelman is the lady I’m referring to and we’re having tea (she likes hers with milk, no sugar) whilst we discuss her latest book and everything else that this spark of energy has achieved. 

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